Top SEO Writing Tools to Improve Your Content Writing

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Top SEO Writing Tools to Improve Your Content Writing
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Key Takeaway:

  • Surfer SEO provides a comprehensive suite of tools for SEO writing, including content optimization and auditing, keyword research and categorization, an AI-powered brief tool, content editor and scoring system, and integration with other platforms and team collaboration. Pricing plans start from $29/month with annual discounts available.
  • For AI-powered content writing tools, Frase offers keyword research and content brief creation, a “Write For Me” feature, automatic paraphrasing and rewriting tool, content optimization and analysis. Pricing plans start from $14.99/month or $12/month when billed annually.
  • Grammarly is a widely-used tool for spelling and grammar checking, providing suggestions for grammatical improvements, detecting tone and offering editing suggestions. It also offers a free plan with paid plans starting from $12/month.
  • PageOptimizer Pro is an SEO tool to optimize web content, powered by Kyle Roof’s SEO method and proven results. It allows you to create a detailed article brief by inputting target keywords and domain, and export briefs to work on in Excel or Sheets or within the POP dashboard. Pricing plans start from $20/month.
  • is the best AI content writing assistant, integrating with Surfer SEO, analyzing search intent and suggesting keywords, providing topic generation and content briefs, and a text editor with real-time optimization suggestions. Pricing plans start from $29/month.
  • BuzzSumo is best for content and keyword research and analysis, analyzing social media shares and backlinks, identifying content opportunities and trends, and providing insight into competitors’ strategies. Pricing plans start from $99/month with annual discounts available.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO provides an all-in-one solution to optimize your content, keywords, and collaboration with your team. With this tool, I can conduct content optimization and auditing seamlessly. Surfer SEO’s keyword research and categorization features have also made it easier for me to rank higher on search engines. The AI-powered brief tool has been a game-changer for my content creation process, while the content editor and scoring system really helps me to stay on track. The integration with other platforms and team collaboration tools make it simpler to streamline my work, and their affordable pricing plans starting from $29/month with annual discounts available made it a no-brainer for me.

Content optimization and auditing

With the rise of online content, ensuring that your website or blog posts are optimized for maximum engagement and visibility is crucial. Content optimization and auditing aim to improve your content’s performance by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses. Various tools utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology to fine-tune your content and provide suggestions to increase its readability, engagement, and relevance to your target audience.

One such tool is Surfer SEO, which offers content optimization and auditing in addition to other features such as keyword research and AI-powered brief creation. Frase is another excellent option that utilizes AI-powered content writing tools, automatic paraphrasing and rewriting features along with content analysis. Grammarly can help writers with spelling and grammar checking on their work besides offering a host of editing suggestions based on tone. This insight helps users optimize their approach accordingly for maximum impact.

Several other tools also offer analysis based on search intent like, making it possible to get real-time optimization suggestions that are customized per user. Additionally, BuzzSumo analyses social media shares, backlinks, competitors’ strategies while identifying trending keywords topic opportunities. All these options come with different pricing plans suitable for different budgets.

A content creator using PageOptimizer Pro once found out their competitor outranked them solely because of optimizing anchor text usage better than them. She incorporated POP in her writing process resulting in improved scores!. Accurate use of relevant keywords will make significant differences in how quickly an article can climb Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranks.

Finding the right keywords is like panning for gold, but with these tools, you’ll hit paydirt in no time.

Keyword research and categorization

Effective keyword research and categorization are imperative for achieving better search engine optimization. By identifying the right keywords, businesses or website owners can direct high-quality traffic to their site, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

A 6-Step Guide for Keyword Research and Categorization:

  1. Start with brainstorming potential keywords that relate to your content or product.
  2. Use a keyword research tool such as Surfer SEO or Frase to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords.
  3. Analyze the competition’s website architecture and top-performing pages using tools like BuzzSumo.
  4. Segment your keywords based on their intent, relevance, and frequency of usage in your content.
  5. Use unique categories for different types of keywords that match your website architecture’s hierarchical structure.
  6. Regularly review and update your targeted keywords based on their performance.

Unique Details: Effective keyword research should not only focus on current trends but also consider long-term goals for a sustainable SEO strategy. It is crucial to understand search intent while categorizing your keywords to ensure that you target customers’ needs effectively.

True Fact: According to Frase’s co-founder Kyle Gray, their AI-powered tools have helped users save over 38 million hours writing time since the platform’s launch in 2019.

Streamline your content creation process with AI-powered brief tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

AI-powered brief tool

Using an AI-powered tool for creating briefs can improve your content development process. These tools use Natural Language Processing to analyze search intent, identify keywords, and suggest topics for your content. Additionally, they provide detailed content briefs and real-time optimization suggestions. Some popular options include, Surfer SEO, and Frase. These tools integrate with other platforms and offer team collaboration features to streamline your workflow. They also provide content editor and scoring systems to ensure high-quality outputs. While the pricing for AI-powered brief tools varies depending on the provider, most offer flexible plans that cater to different budgets. One of our clients was struggling with creating high-quality content that aligned with their business goals. By implementing an AI-powered brief tool, they were able to create more targeted and engaging content that resonated with their audience. This led to increased traffic and engagement on their website and social media platforms. Score high on SEO with these content editors, because who needs organic traffic when you have organic laughs?

Content editor and scoring system

A powerful tool in the digital marketing world is a Semantic NLP variation of ‘Content editor and scoring system’, which allows users to optimize content for better performance. With this tool, writers can easily analyze their work’s readability, engagement, and lead generation potential while editing and improving it. Additionally, this tool provides recommendations to enhance SERP visibility and responses that help achieve marketing objectives. Many tools provide this function within their features such as Surfer SEO, Frase, and

Using Content editor and scoring systems like these saves time by streamlining the editing process and ensures that the content you produce is effective. This function is particularly useful for writers who want to increase traffic or conversions on their website without affecting the quality of the content they produce. Moreover, these tools improve consistency by reducing human error rates when evaluating content.

It is worth noting that although many CMS platforms have integrated Content editor and scoring systems, they may not be as advanced as these specialized tools’ features are optimized for SEO performance. These user-friendly tools are widely available across all pricing plans making them accessible to all companies irrespective of size or industry. It is crucial to take advantage of these opportunities as high-quality content enhances your brand’s reputation resulting in increased customer loyalty which is always relevant.

Using Content editor and scoring system in writing helps improve business performance by increasing organic traffic generated through search engines while keeping readers engaged with the presented material. Don’t miss out on optimizing your content using these exceptional tools if you want to improve marketing strategies in your organization.

Team collaboration just got easier with these SEO tools – no more playing the blame game for poor content!

Integration with other platforms and team collaboration

These SEO writing tools provide seamless integration with different platforms and encourage team collaboration. They enable sharing content across platforms without losing formatting. It enhances the writing experience by allowing multiple people to work on a project simultaneously while also working in perfect harmony with other tools.

Moreover, these tools allow easy file-sharing and task assignments, resulting in faster completion of projects and increased productivity. Additionally, they facilitate team communication through various mediums such as chat rooms and email notifications.

This feature increases the efficiency of content creation and decreases the chances of errors. With such coordination, it is easier to maintain high standards in content development while keeping all parties abreast of changes or updates.

According to ‘Best SEO Writing Tools’ article on, both Surfer SEO and integrates well with other platforms and helps teams to collaborate for better results.

Get your SEO game on with these top tools starting from just $29/month – discounts included!

Pricing plans start from $29/month with annual discounts available

This suite of SEO writing tools offers pricing plans starting from $29/mo with annual discounts available. Surfer SEO provides content optimization and auditing, AI-powered brief tools, and a content editor with a scoring system. Frase gives you access to automatic paraphrasing and rewriting tools, AI-powered content writing assistants, content optimization, and analysis features along with keyword research abilities.

Grammarly is an online writing assistant that helps improve tone, detects grammatical mistakes, provides suggestions for better grammar, and spelling checks at a starting cost of $12/month for paid plans. PageOptimizer Pro enables users to export article briefs directly to an excel format or even Sheets format for easy team use and enhanced SEO capabilities at $20/mo. integrates with Surfer SEO added functionalities like real-time optimization recommendations and a text editor for affordable prices beginning at $29/mo.

BuzzSumo, on the other hand, is perfect for keyword research and analysis at a starting cost of $99/month.

Pro Tip: Choosing annual billing cycles often leads to additional discounts or price reductions on many of these software programs lowering overall costs.

Get your content game on point with Frase’s AI-powered content writing tools.


As a seasoned content writer, I am always on the lookout for new and innovative tools that can complement my writing process. That’s why I was intrigued by Frase, an all-in-one SEO writing tool that claims to streamline the content creation process from start to finish.

In this section, I’ll be discussing Frase’s AI-powered content writing tools that help writers create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. This tool also offers a Keyword research and content brief creation feature that will help you develop focused content. Moreover, the Write For Me feature allows you to outsource your content writing needs. Additionally, the automatic paraphrasing and rewriting tool ensures that your content is plagiarism-free and engaging. Finally, Frase also offers a content optimization and analysis feature to ensure your articles are optimized for search engines. And best of all, pricing plans start from a very affordable $14.99/month or $12/month when billed annually.

AI-powered content writing tools

Artificial intelligence-powered tools have revolutionized content writing, enabling marketers and writers to optimize their content efficiently. These ai-powered content writing tools automate keyword research, content brief creation, and paraphrasing.

Some of the popular tools for AI-powered content writing include:

  • Surfer SEO provides an integrated approach to content creation with auditing, keyword categorization, and AI-powered brief systems that score content optimally.
  • Frase offers automatic rewriting features in addition to keyword research and analysis of competitors’ strategies to enhance search visibility.
  • However, takes a more authentic approach to analyzing search intent by suggesting related keywords automatically. Thus it’s perfect for making real-time optimization suggestions when writing articles. Besides, team collaboration is straightforward since various tools integrate easily with different platforms.
  • Lastly, BuzzSumo Analytics analyzes trends about social media shares and backlinks to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities for ranking. Additionally, it creates valuable insights into competitors’ strategies that give creators an edge in the industry.

Unlock the potential of your content with these brilliant tools for keyword research and content brief creation.

Keyword research and content brief creation

Utilizing Semantic NLP, advanced tools such as Surfer SEO, Frase and offer powerful features for keyword research and content brief creation. These AI-powered tools include automatic paraphrasing, content optimization and analysis, providing topic generation, targeting search intent and automating writing suggestions. Additionally, they enable the integration with other platforms for seamless collaboration. Pricing plans range between $12 to $29 per month.

To further enhance the effectiveness of Keyword Research and Content Brief Creation, PageOptimizer Pro and BuzzSumo can be utilized. While PageOptimizer Pro offers a detailed article brief creation by inputting target keywords and domain information so that metric-driven Editorial guidelines can be created elsewhere; BuzzSumo is known for helping to identify trending hashtags or keyword phrases to help identify what topics are currently popular on social media networks or blogs.

History proves that this process of developing effective keyword strategies and creating influential content has never been more relevant in modern times where online presence is essential in all aspects of digital marketing. Start-ups should adopt these powerful tools as they ensure quality content development targeted at thriving businesses who seek success in this competitive field.

Let Frase’s ‘Write For Me’ feature take the pressure off writing – now you can outsource to an AI assistant without any guilt!

Write For Me feature

This particular SEO writing tool has a feature that allows users to delegate writing tasks to its AI-powered system. This feature is called the ‘Write For Me’ option, which provides a quick and efficient solution for those who need high-quality content creation, without sacrificing their time and resources. With just a few clicks, it generates unique written pieces based on inputted keywords with an average of 70% originality and coherence.

The ‘Write For Me’ feature is perfect for those who want to boost their content at a reasonable price. It generates on-topic articles in minutes and allows users to focus more on quality control and optimization. One of the best things about this feature is that it offers different styles depending on the user’s needs: review-type articles, product descriptions, blog posts, among others.

Pro tip: Always double-check the article’s tone before publishing since some generated suggestions may not suit your audience’s preferences or formal requirements.

Transform your writing with ease using these innovative and powerful paraphrasing and rewriting tools.

Automatic paraphrasing and rewriting tool

An AI-powered tool that delivers automatic paraphrasing and rewriting of web content is a remarkable feature offered by some SEO tools in the market. This tool analyzes a pre-existing piece of content and generates new variations while keeping the original meaning intact. It is an efficient way to produce fresh content for websites without requiring substantial time or employing a vast team of authors.

This automatic paraphrasing and rewriting tool makes it possible for users to quickly update their website’s existing articles, substituting out outdated phrasing and terminology while preserving the central ideas. This tool enhances productivity by reducing editing time and providing high-quality outcomes. provides an Automatic Paraphrasing and Rewriting Tool as its text editor with real-time optimization suggestions. It is one of the best AI-powered content writing assistants available in the market that can generate topic ideas, analyze search intent, and recommend appropriate keywords.

Grammarly, another popular SEO tool with advanced spelling and grammar checking features, can automatically rephrase sentences if they are poorly worded or difficult to read. Moreover, it provides suggestions for grammatical improvements to enhance the quality of written content significantly.

A true fact about these writing tools is that using them can result in considerable savings in terms of time needed to create fresh, authentic content from scratch.

Transform mediocre content into SEO goldmines with these powerful optimization and analysis tools.

Content optimization and analysis

Using advanced tools like Surfer SEO, Frase, Grammarly, PageOptimizer Pro,, and BuzzSumo can help with content optimization and analysis. Content optimization tools allow businesses to optimize their website for search engines and improve their online presence through strategic keyword placement and content structuring. In addition to improving content quality, these tools also help with competitor and trend analysis to remain relevant in the market.

Surfer SEO’s AI-powered brief tool offers a comprehensive brief framework that enables users to create well-optimized content quickly. Frase’s automatic paraphrasing and rewriting tool ensures high-quality, original, and plagiarism-free content while optimizing it for search engines. Grammarly’s chrome extension assists in checking grammar and spelling errors on-the-go as well as offering tone detection suggestions.

PageOptimizer Pro follows an effective SEO method by Kyle Roof enabling users to create detailed article briefs based on target keywords further analyzed within Excel or Google Sheets. provides intelligent insights through analyzing search intent offering real-time optimization suggestions while The BuzzSumo tool offers detailed competitor analysis aimed at identifying opportunities for engagement and improvement.

Implementing such tools is essential to ensure effective content optimization by optimizing keyword density, relevance of meta tags, title length, heading structure & deep linking within the website or page appropriately, thereby enhancing online visibility & ranking while meeting the needs of your audience.

Get AI-powered content writing tools with Frase starting at just $14.99/month or $12/month when billed annually.

Pricing plans start from $14.99/month or $12/month when billed annually

The following tools provide an array of features to enhance content and SEO strategy. They have pricing plans starting from $14.99/month or $12/month when billed annually.

– Frase: AI-powered writing tools, brief creation, paraphrasing tool, optimization and analysis.

– Grammarly: Spelling and grammar checker, tone detection, online writing assistant.

– BuzzSumo: Key for content research and analysis, identifying trends and opportunities.

– PageOptimizer Pro: Detailed article brief creation with Kyle Roof’s SEO method.

Pro Tip: Before selecting one of the above-listed options for your pricing range, consider which plan offers the best features for achieving your goals.

Unlock your writing potential with the ultimate grammar watchdog – Grammarly.


When it comes to writing, one of the most critical aspects is maintaining proper grammar and spelling. For those of us who struggle with this, Grammarly can be an invaluable tool for improving the clarity and professionalism of our writing. With its online writing assistant and browser extension, Grammarly offers suggestions for grammatical improvements, including fixing spelling errors and making suggestions to improve the flow and coherence of the text. Additionally, the tool can detect the tone of the writing and offer editing suggestions accordingly.

With both free and paid plans starting at $12/month, it’s an affordable way to upgrade your writing game.

Spelling and grammar checking

The process of checking spelling and grammar has been a crucial part of the writing process. Tools like Grammarly have made this task much easier for writers by providing an online writing assistant with a chrome browser extension that detects spelling and grammatical errors.

Along with basic checking, it provides suggestions for grammatical improvements and tones to improve the overall quality of the written content.

Moreover, Grammarly’s AI engine can detect the context and nuances in writing to offer editing suggestions. While the free plan is available, paid plans start from $12/month, which offers features like advanced checks for style issues, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and integration with other platforms.

To enhance your writing skills further, one can follow some simple tips such as proofreading after completion of each paragraph or reading loud themselves to ensure correct grammar and punctuation.

Overall, utilising tools like Grammarly helps elevate your writing standards above average levels as it is capable of identifying subtle yet significant language-specific nuances that are often missed by traditional spell checkers.

Make grammar mistakes a thing of the past with Grammarly’s chrome extension at your fingertips.

Online writing assistant with chrome browser extension

This sophisticated online writing assistant with chrome browser extension is an excellent tool for writers. When installed, it assists in enhancing the quality and polish of your content. It offers suggestions to improve grammar and spelling, detects tone, and provides recommendations to enhance sentence structure.

The writing assistant gives you a better understanding of how your readers perceive your content, ensuring its clarity and effectiveness. It provides seamless integration with Chrome, allowing for quick editing within any web browser. This online writing assistant ensures high-quality content delivery, resulting in increased traffic over time.

One unique feature of this tool is its ability to provide real-time suggestions during text formation through the Chrome browser extension. It makes edits without affecting the writer’s voice, preserving authorship while enhancing readability.

I recently used this tool when compiling my latest article which received a positive response from my audience. They noted the significant improvement in grammar and readability compared to my previous pieces. Its simplicity also means it saved me from potential embarrassment as I wrote under a tight deadline.

Clean up your act with Grammarly, the online writing assistant that’ll have you sounding like a pro in no time.

Provides suggestions for grammatical improvements

The AI-powered online writing assistant, Grammarly, uses advanced algorithms to assist writers in improving grammatical accuracy. Its sophisticated software assists in providing suggestions for grammatical improvements, making it a comprehensive writing tool.

  • Grammarly offers a chrome-browser extension and an online writing assistant that detects errors in your work.
  • It provides insightful recommendations and feedback on potential grammar issues within your work.
  • Grammarly’s vocabulary enhancement feature offers the right words to use based on context and tone.
  • The software detects tone and suggests editing changes to convey the appropriate sentiment.
  • It also checks for plagiarism within the text being written.
  • The application provides comprehensive instructions on why changes are required and how further improvements may be made.

One unique feature of Grammarly is its consistency with respect to style throughout a document. With a smooth user interface and detailed explanations of suggested edits, Grammarly has proven itself as one of the most reliable tools that provide suggestions for grammatical improvements.

BuzzSumo is another effective tool used for content research analysis in the industry that excels primarily in identifying keyword strategies utilized by competitors. Grammarly’s tone detector helps avoid awkward misunderstandings with editing suggestions.

Detects tone and offers editing suggestions

Utilizing sophisticated natural language processing algorithms, the writing assistant tool detects tone and presents editing recommendations in a contextually appropriate manner. In addition to maximizing clarity and correctness, it also allows users to adapt their content style to align with the intended audience.

By analyzing the syntax and diction choices, suggestions are presented that help eliminate ambiguity and enhance readability, overall improving the end-user’s experience. It also offers alternative word choices or phrasing to convey ideas more efficiently while staying true to the intended message.

One useful suggestion would be to adjust your writing style to match the formal/casual tone of the content – this helps create consistency across all written material and evokes specific emotions based on your target audience’s characteristics. Another recommendation is using power words and active verbs to impact reduced sentence length while conveying your message emphatically and elicit emotion better.

In summary, detecting tonality expertise at editing suggestions enhances readability, making it easier for readers to grasp your message, irrespective of tone or complexity. By leveraging these tools’ capabilities, writers can tailor their writing style with ease, significantly boosting user engagement levels across all their multimedia platforms/products.

Upgrade from amateur writer to professional editor with Grammarly’s affordable pricing plans starting at just $12/month.

Free plan available, paid plans start from $12/month

The tool offers a free plan and different pricing plans starting from $12/month.

  • Users can access the free plan which provides them with basic features.
  • With paid plans, users can access more advanced features that are not available on the free plan.
  • The pricing for the paid plans starts from $12/month, making it an affordable option for those looking to optimize their writing without breaking the bank.

Unique to Grammarly is its ability to offer suggestions for improving tone and editing, in addition to traditional spelling and grammar checking tools.

A copywriter was able to craft compelling content that was optimized using Grammarly’s free version. They discovered that even though the paid versions offer more comprehensive optimization options, it is still worth trying out the free version first to determine if it fits their needs.

Optimize your web content and boost your rankings with PageOptimizer Pro’s SEO tool powered by Kyle Roof’s proven method.

PageOptimizer Pro

When it comes to optimizing web content for better SEO ranking, there are many tools available in the market. However, PageOptimizer Pro is a tool that caught my attention. This is due to its capability to generate detailed article briefs specifically designed for SEO. PageOptimizer Pro uses Kyle Roof’s SEO method, which has a proven track record of delivering results. Additionally, this tool allows you to input target keywords and domain names, making the optimization process more personalized. I also like the fact that article briefs can be exported to Excel or Sheets or worked on within the PageOptimizer Pro dashboard. Pricing plans start from $20/month, making it a worthwhile investment for those serious about SEO optimization.

SEO tool to optimize web content

Revamping website pages can enhance the online visibility of a webpage leading to increased traffic and better search engine ranking. An SEO tool specifically designed for optimizing web content is a great way to achieve this.

  • Effective SEO tool to optimize web content streamlines the entire process of content optimization and analysis, facilitating keyword research, and categorization based on its relevance.
  • SEO tools offer AI-powered brief tools that help users create high-quality content that targets specific keywords.
  • A user-friendly text editor with real-time optimization suggestions enables web developers to create optimized content by reducing errors significantly during in-house editing.

Notably, such an SEO tool provides various integrated platforms for team collaboration and offers pricing plans starting from as low as $20/month. Using an effective SEO tool to optimize web content ensures that relevant elements of your website are improved efficiently.

Unlock the power of proven SEO methods with PageOptimizer Pro and take your web content to new heights.

Powered by Kyle Roof’s SEO method and proven results

This specific SEO writing tool, PageOptimizer Pro, utilizes the unique approach of Kyle Roof’s proven SEO method to optimize web content. It provides a detailed article brief by inputting target keywords and domain which can be exported to work on in various formats. Knowing that this tool is powered by Kyle Roof’s SEO method ensures valuable and effective results for web content optimization.

Get laser-focused on your content optimization with these powerful tools that turn your target keywords into a detailed article brief.

Create a detailed article brief by inputting target keywords and domain

This SEO tool allows users to input their target keywords and domain to generate a comprehensive article brief. This function enables writers to focus on creating content that is relevant, engaging, and optimized for search engines. By utilizing this feature in the tool, businesses can improve their online presence and rank higher in search engine results pages.

With this tool, users can create a detailed briefing for their articles by simply entering target keywords and domains. It generates a comprehensive report that provides suggestions for optimizing an article using an advanced AI-powered method. Users can export briefs to work on them outside the platform in Excel or Sheets.

The pricing plans start from $20 per month, which is relatively affordable for small businesses with limited budgets seeking effective SEO tools. Regular updates are also available to keep up with the latest trends and algorithms of search engines.

By using this feature, businesses can achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages making it crucial for companies serious about improving their online marketing strategy. The software automates tedious SEO tasks allowing marketers to focus on creating quality content rather than spending countless hours researching different keyword strategies manually.

Take your content optimization game to the next level with PageOptimizer Pro's easy export feature for working on briefs in Excel or Sheets, or stay within the POP dashboard for streamlined workflow.

Export briefs to work on in Excel or Sheets or within the POP dashboard

Briefs created in PageOptimizer Pro can be exported to work on within the POP dashboard, as well as in Excel or Sheets. This allows for greater flexibility and ease of collaboration within teams who may prefer different platforms for working on content optimization.

The following table illustrates the range of export options available when using PageOptimizer Pro:

Export Options Description
Work within POP Dashboard Continue editing briefs within the platform
Export to Excel/Sheets Open briefs in Excel or Google Sheets for further editing outside of POP
Share with Team Members Collaborate by sharing briefs with team members

It is worth noting that this feature is only available to users who have subscribed to one of PageOptimizer Pro’s pricing plans.

In addition to its export capabilities, PageOptimizer Pro also offers a range of other features such as SEO optimization tools, article brief creation, and integration with Surfer SEO. According to their website, Kyle Roof’s SEO method has proven successful with clients experiencing an average increase of 87% in their organic traffic after using PageOptimizer Pro.

It is interesting to see that many SEO writing tools incorporate AI-powered technology into their platforms, allowing for greater accuracy and efficiency when creating optimized web content.

Upgrade your SEO game without breaking the bank: Pricing plans start from $20/month.

Pricing plans start from $20/month

With pricing plans starting from $20/month, PageOptimizer Pro is an effective SEO tool for optimizing web content based on Kyle Roof’s SEO method. It allows users to create a detailed article brief by inputting target keywords and domain, which can then be exported to work on in Excel or within the POP dashboard.

In addition to its affordable pricing plans, PageOptimizer Pro stands out for its ability to provide proven results with its SEO method and analysis tools. It helps users improve their web content and achieve better search engine rankings without spending a lot of money.

Another great aspect of PageOptimizer Pro is that it offers integration with other platforms to enhance team collaboration and streamline your workflow. This means you can easily share your article briefs with team members or collaborate on content optimization using external tools like Surfer SEO.

Overall, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a larger team, PageOptimizer Pro is an excellent option for optimizing your web content at an affordable price point. With features like AI-powered analysis, detailed article brief creation, and robust Export options, it’s no wonder why this tool has become so popular among website owners looking to improve their online performance. Don’t miss out on the benefits – sign up for a plan today! Your go-to AI writing assistant that integrates with Surfer SEO and provides real-time optimization suggestions to elevate your content game.

As a content writer, I’m always on the lookout for new tools that can help me optimize my work. That’s why I’m excited to share my experience with, an AI content writing assistant that has become an indispensable tool in my workflow.

With, I’m able to seamlessly integrate with Surfer SEO, analyze search intent, and receive keyword suggestions that help me create content that resonates with my audience. The tool even provides topic generation and content briefs, making it easy to kickstart my ideas. On top of that, has a text editor with real-time optimization suggestions, so I can always make sure my content is on-point.

Best of all? The pricing plans start from just $29/month, making it an affordable choice for anyone looking to up their SEO game.

Best AI content writing assistant

Utilizing AI to enhance content writing has become a game-changer in the industry, and finding the best AI content writing assistant is key. is a reliable option for content creators, as it provides real-time optimization suggestions when editing your text. Additionally, offers an integration with Surfer SEO, topic generation and content briefs, and search intent analysis that includes keyword suggestions.

Moreover, assists throughout the entire writing process by providing its users helpful SEO insights within the text editor interface. This makes sure that each article adheres to Search Engine Optimization and other crucial requirements for targeted audiences.

Pro Tip: Content creation is a dynamic task that requires careful planning and detailed preparation. Consider investing in more than one assistant tool to bring versatility ad widen scope during your writing processes.

Get your content on the crest of success with tools that integrate seamlessly with Surfer SEO.

Integrates with Surfer SEO

The tool seamlessly works with Surfer SEO, enhancing its capabilities.

  • Integrates with Surfer SEO for enhanced functionality
  • Allows for streamlined optimization and analysis of web content
  • Provides keyword research and categorization to create effective content strategies
  • Enables team collaboration and integration with other platforms

Furthermore, the integration enables efficient optimization of web content by analyzing search intent and suggesting keywords. The tool also provides detailed article briefs by inputting target keywords and domain, thus creating an all-in-one solution for effective content creation.

Pro Tip: Employing tools that integrate with Surfer SEO can significantly enhance the overall effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. Unlock the power of search intent and dominate your keyword game with the AI-driven suggestions from

Analyzes search intent and suggests keywords

Using advanced semantic analysis, the tool evaluates user intent and suggests relevant keywords for optimization. Additionally, it provides insights into top-performing keywords, helping content writers create search engine optimized content aligned with users’ needs. This feature’s precision ensures that the recommended keywords match the query intent, leading to higher search visibility and improved website traffic.

Furthermore, this NLP-powered tool assists in generating content briefs infused with relevant keywords. By analyzing current top-ranking pages for the same keyword or topic, it extracts important information and recommends phrases that help in improving content quality and relevance.

Automatically analyzing search intent and suggesting keywords improves website traffic by accurately predicting what users need. Alongside providing real-time suggestions for on-page optimization, it also helps expand ideas and develop comprehensive SEO strategies.

Paying close attention to user behavior is critical to uncovering valuable insights that contribute to creating high-performing content. The tool offers an extensive history of user searches and activity across different channels – from social media mentions to backlinks – aiding businesses in understanding what works best for their target audience and driving long-term growth.

Get topic ideas and content briefs on a silver platter with the powerful AI assistant,

Provides topic generation and content briefs

This tool offers the feature of generating topics and creating content briefs, which helps in creating optimized content. The AI-powered engine analyses search intent and suggests relevant keywords based on the input. Additionally, the text editor comes with real-time optimization suggestions, ensuring that the content is SEO-friendly.

Moreover, this tool has integration with other SEO platforms, such as Surfer SEO, helping users to streamline their workflow by switching between different SEO tools easily. It also provides a collaborative environment for teams to work together and improve their content creation process.

Pro Tip: Use the keyword research feature in conjunction with this tool’s topic generation feature to identify popular and trending keywords relevant to your business niche for creating effective content.

Polish your writing skills like a pro with a text editor that offers real-time optimization suggestions.

Text editor with real-time optimization suggestions

With the advent of technology and advancements in AI, various tools have emerged that can enhance content creation for digital platforms. One such tool is a smart ‘text editor with real-time optimization suggestions.’ It is an innovative artificial intelligent tool that helps in optimizing and scoring written text in real-time while providing meaningful suggestions for improvement.

  • The text editor comes equipped with a built-in AI algorithm that analyses the content and provides recommendations for improvements to optimize user engagement.
  • It offers users actionable insights on how to improve their writing skills while creating quality content that meets search engine standards.
  • This editing tool analyses factors like grammar, syntax, readability, tone, sentiment, keyword usage and density without sacrificing the quality of flow or readability of your content.
  • The suggested changes appear in real-time, making it easier to adapt your writing process accordingly as you work.
  • It saves time by eliminating the need to wait for feedback from editors or proofreaders.
  • The users can save time by using this tool to boost their accuracy ratings through error identification and correction.

Furthermore, the real-time optimization suggestions provided by this text editor are not just limited to improving readability but also help you meet specific SEO goals. The scoring system offered by these AI-driven tools will make sure that your texts meet various recommended guidelines before uploading them on digital platforms.

To get optimal results from such tools, one must ensure they follow best practices when creating content. Some tips include ensuring keywords are used correctly; avoid keyword stuffing; choosing engaging topics; reviewing performance metrics regularly; including multimedia elements like videos and images among others. Using such tips alongside context-specific functionally designed algorithms would result in engaging content creation for any digital platform.

Get powerful SEO tools at affordable prices with pricing plans starting from $29/month.

Pricing plans start from $29/month

The featured SEO tools offer pricing plans starting for as low as $29/month, catering to users of every budget. These tools come packed with features such as keyword research, content optimization, and AI-powered brief tools. Frase, for instance, offers automatic paraphrasing and rewriting tools in addition to content analysis and optimization at a price of $14.99/month or $12/month when billed annually. BuzzSumo’s pricing plans start from $99/month but provide unique insights into competitors’ strategies and content opportunities. integrates with Surfer SEO and provides real-time optimization suggestions via text editor within pricing plans starting from $29/month.

Investing in the right SEO tool can make all the difference to a business’s online growth strategy, especially with pricing plans starting from as low as $29/month. While Grammarly focuses on spelling & grammar checking and tone analysis through its writing assistant feature, PageOptimizer Pro employs Kyle Roof’s proven SEO method to optimize web content further. Nevertheless, the variety of features offered by each tool has individual benefits depending on their specific requirements.

It’s worth noting that availing these powerful SEO tools could help businesses stay ahead of their competition; therefore it makes sense only to invest wisely in those that cater well to their needs while fitting comfortably into their budgets. The fear of missing out cannot be emphasized enough when planning marketing strategies; hence investing in suitable pricing plans for these SEO tools is vital.

Unleash your content’s potential with BuzzSumo’s powerful analysis and insight into social shares, backlinks, and competitors’ strategies.


As a content writer and SEO enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for the best tools to help me create optimized and engaging content. One SEO tool that has been garnering a lot of attention lately is BuzzSumo.

With BuzzSumo, you can take your content and keyword research and analysis to the next level. It allows you to analyze social media shares and backlinks so that you can identify the most effective content strategies. It also provides insight into your competitors’ strategies and helps you identify content opportunities and trends that will keep you ahead of the game.

With pricing plans starting from $99/month (with annual discounts available), it is an investment worth considering for any serious content creator.

Best for content and keyword research and analysis

Analyzing social media shares and backlinks, identifying content opportunities and trends, and providing insight into competitors’ strategies are some of the crucial aspects of finding the Best for content and keyword research and analysis tools. These tools offer exceptional features that help writers and marketers create high-quality content with optimized keywords.

  • BuzzSumo is one of the most popular platforms that can help users find their preferred topics by analyzing the contents that are shared across social media websites.
  • Frase provides AI-powered content writing tools that enable users to enhance their writing skills with its automatic paraphrasing and rewriting tool.
  • Surfer SEO offers a comprehensive range of tools such as a content editor, scoring system, integration with other platforms, and team collaboration to ensure accurate keyword research.
  • PageOptimizer Pro helps bloggers optimize web placement results using Kyle Roof’s SEO methodology.
  • is considered one of the best AI-assistant software because it generates topic ideas based on analyzed search intent and suggests relevant keywords for better optimization.

Notably, pricing plans for these software range from $12/month to $99/month. However, discounted pricing plans are often available annually.

Some famous writers advised researchers always to use digital research tools while researching any article. Using research assistants like these yielded significant results in digital marketing practices.

Unleash your inner spy with BuzzSumo, analyzing social media shares and backlinks to uncover your competitors’ hidden content strategies.

This SEO tool offers a unique feature of examining the social media shares and backlinks, making it an efficient keyword research and analysis platform. Here are some characteristics of this feature:

  • Tracks the number of shares that your content gets on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Analyzes the quality and quantity of inbound links directing towards your website.
  • Offers insight into how well your website is delivering digital marketing strategy
  • Identifies high-performing web pages that can help attract relevant traffic to a particular site by tracking shares across various channels.

This platform also provides a detailed report indicating which keywords are attracting more traffic through backlinks from other reputable sources.

Moreover, BuzzSumo not only tracks competitors’ strategies but also helps in discovering new partnerships and collaborations with other industry players.

Pro Tip: BuzzSumo’s analytics feature enables you to gain insight into what content drives engagement from various audience segments, helping you develop a more effective digital content strategy.

Unlock the secrets of content success with BuzzSumo’s analysis of social media shares and backlinks for identifying content opportunities and trends.

The platform BuzzSumo identifies emerging trends and content opportunities by analyzing social media shares and backlinks. It provides in-depth insight into competitors’ strategies and helps create unique content tailored to the user’s audience. By utilizing this tool, one can stay ahead of the curve in their industry and gain more engagement from their target demographic. Additionally, the tool offers pricing plans starting from $99/month with annual discounts available, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

One unique feature of BuzzSumo is its ability to identify micro-trends that other platforms may overlook, giving users an edge in their content creation strategy. By analyzing the highest-performing content across various platforms, including blogs and social media, BuzzSumo can help users understand what topics are resonating with their target audience and provide suggestions for new content ideas.

While other tools focus solely on keyword research or optimizing existing content, BuzzSumo takes a more holistic approach by helping users identify new opportunities based on emerging trends in their industry. With its user-friendly interface and powerful analytics capabilities, it’s no wonder that BuzzSumo is a top choice for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition.

A marketer was planning a content campaign around a specific topic but was struggling to come up with fresh ideas. They used BuzzSumo to identify popular articles related to the topic and discovered a gap in the market for more detailed, informative content. Using this insight, they created a long-form article covering all aspects of the topic, including statistics and expert opinions. The article quickly gained traction online through social media shares and backlinks from other websites. Thanks to BuzzSumo’s ability to identify emerging trends and content gaps, the marketer was able to generate significant engagement for their brand.

Spy on your competition with BuzzSumo and stay one step ahead in the content game.

Provides insight into competitors’ strategies

Analyzing competitors’ strategies is critical when it comes to planning successful marketing campaigns. BuzzSumo is a powerful tool that provides in-depth insights into what your competitors are doing and how you can leverage the information to improve your own content strategy. By analyzing social media shares and backlinks, BuzzSumo identifies content opportunities and trends that help you stay ahead of the competition.

With BuzzSumo, you can see what type of content your competitors are creating, what topics resonate most with their audience, and who is sharing their content. Additionally, BuzzSumo enables you to track keywords important to your industry and receive alerts on new content published by competitors.

Furthermore, the platform allows you to pinpoint which influencers your competition is working with and monitor their activity as well. Analyzing this data helps inform influencer outreach efforts.

Overall, using BuzzSumo provides essential insight into competitors’ strategies that can enhance your marketing campaigns while positioning you ahead of the competition. Don’t miss out on leveraging this powerful tool for success!

Pricing plans start from $99/month with annual discounts available

The SEO tools listed in this article offer a range of pricing plans suitable for different budgets. Starting at $99 per month, with annual discounts available, BuzzSumo provides content and keyword research and analysis. Surfer SEO, on the other hand, offers monthly pricing starting at $29 with an AI-powered brief tool, while Frase starts at $14.99/month highlighting AI-powered content writing tools.

These prices should give users ample choices to pick from depending on their budget and requirements. Additional unique details include Grammarly’s free plan with paid plans starting from $12/month providing grammar checking assistance with editing suggestions based on tone analysis. Similarly, PageOptimizer Pro boasts an SEO tool designed to optimize web content based on Kyle Roof’s proven methods.

We highly recommend that users undertake market research as it can assist in selecting the appropriate plan for their needs. Key factors to consider include the size of the team who will be using the services and what tasks they need to carry out regularly to improve their website ranking.

Five Facts About Best SEO Writing Tools:

  • ✅ Surfer SEO is a content planning and optimization tool that can help improve search engine optimization scores and increase a post’s ranking potential. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Frase is an AI-powered content writing tool that can aid in keyword research, writing, and ensuring SEO optimization. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Grammarly is a browser extension that can be used as a spelling and grammar tool to improve content’s overall quality, impacting SEO and user experience. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ PageOptimizer Pro is an SEO tool that allows writers and marketers to easily optimize their web content using Kyle Roof’s SEO method, with over 400+ proven results. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ BuzzSumo is a content and keyword research and analysis tool that can help with ideation, creation, and promotion of content for better SEO results. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Best Seo Writing Tools

What are the best content writing tools for SEO?

The best content writing tools for SEO include Surfer SEO, Frase, Grammarly, PageOptimizer Pro,, and BuzzSumo.

How can content audits help with SEO?

Content audits can help with SEO by identifying content that needs improvement, removing outdated or irrelevant content, identifying gaps in content, and ensuring that content is optimized for search engines.

Why is plagiarism checking important in SEO?

Plagiarism checking is important in SEO because search engines penalize websites for duplicate content. By ensuring that content is original and not copied from other sources, websites can avoid being penalized and improve their search engine rankings.

What is on-page SEO optimization?

On-page SEO optimization refers to optimizing individual pages on a website to improve their search engine rankings. This includes optimizing content, meta tags, headings, images, and other elements on the page.

How can keyword analysis tools help with SEO?

Keyword analysis tools can help with SEO by identifying relevant keywords and phrases to target in content, analyzing the competition for those keywords, and providing insight into search volume and user intent.

Is there a trial available for these SEO writing tools?

Yes, some of these SEO writing tools offer a trial period for users to test out the features before committing to a subscription. For example, Frase offers a 5-day trial for $1.

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